Windows 11 release date, Features know everything about in 2021

Hello everyone, Welcome to Sneakytech, Windows 11 is finally out with a new look and more after its unveiling at Microsoft’s big event on June 24. Microsoft has launched its new operating system after 6 years. For several months, many leaks were coming out regarding window 11. Windows 11 is finally launched or here is some interesting feature that you must know and all the questions will be in your mind. When will get the update of Windows 11 and how to install it. What will be its price, will it be free or will it not be? Today I will tell you about all these. Here we will discuss the top features of Windows 11, this article is going to be very interesting, so let’s start now.

This new feature of Windows 11 will be available for new versions of laptops and computers.

Boot Animation & New Minimal UI

windows 11 release date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The first feature in windows 11 is boot animation and startup, this thing has been upgraded in it when you do it with window 11 then you will know. In Windows 11, the UI has been given much more elegant than before. In this feature, you will get to see 6 different types of themes with different customization options. This time dark mode has been given the most interesting in Windows 11, you will like this feature very much.

New Taskbar

windows 11 release date
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The taskbar has also been given this time in a very elegant look. In this, you get to see a start menu which is in the center. If you want, you can also bring it to the side according to you, this is the best thing.

Search Bar

windows 11 release date

This time you have been given an additional button in the search bar. By clicking here you can go to the settings bar. If we have to make any change or anything in the setting, we can easily change it from here.

Widget Button

windows 11 release date
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By clicking on the widget button, we get to see news, weather, and many more functions. We can control all these things very easily from here. This is also an interesting feature of Windows 11.

Meet Integration

windows 11 release date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

In window 11, we have been given the support of Meet this time, in Meet you can integrate with the taskbar, then when it is integrated with window 11, then after that you can easily do an online meeting.

Windows Snap

windows 11 release date
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In this, we also get the support of Windows Snap. In this, if we are working with many applications simultaneously, then we can easily snap the application in different sections. Here you will get different layouts, by selecting which you can adjust different applications inside one window and you can easily do it according to your choice.

Touch Support

windows 11 release date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

This time talking about the touch support of window 11, its touch support is very smooth, I have done it personally, it is working very well. You don’t need to worry, all those who have dedicated touch devices will also support windows 11.

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Microsoft App Store

windows 11 release date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The next feature is Microsoft’s App Store. If you talk about Microsoft’s App Store, then you will find its complete design very good. For all the applications you have, you will get to see all those applications inside the Microsoft App Store. Here you will find both free and paid applications.

The most interesting thing is that this time you will also get the support of the Android app here, you can do it directly by install the application from Microsoft’s App Store.

Earlier it was not like this before we cloning via mobile phone app. But this time it is not like that you can install Android applications directly, this is a big deal and a big move was for Microsoft for 2021.

Gaming Features

Windows 11 is made for gaming, says Microsoft. Here you will get to see the mode of Auto HDR, with the help of which you will get to see the very good quality and will have a very good user experience.

Whenever you play games, you will see a very cool mode but for this, your game should support it, there are many games which people have mentioned.

Here you will get the support of HDR, then you will get to see all the games but it is currently in the testing phase. But later when it is optimized, you will get to see the game performance very poor.

Here the game time loading and app loading time and speed of windows 11 have been much faster than windows 10.

Direct Storage

Direct Storage is a new technology in Windows 11. Here a technology called Direct Storage has been done, with the help of which you can load the application very quickly or whatever you want to load, it will be loaded very quickly, it believes that windows 11.

The technology of direct storage was earlier inside the series of Xbox but now it has been integrated into Windows 11 so that gaming pc and gaming laptops can take advantage of it. The full information details of how it works have not been shared yet, whenever I know, I will definitely share it with all of you.

XBOX Update

windows 11 release date

In Windows 11, you will get the Xbox feature, which you will find inside the App Store. Here you can take advantage of XBOX Game Pass. Microsoft has said that with the cloud service of XBOX, you will also be able to enjoy it here. There are many such games in which whatever your system requirement is, just windows 11 should be installed after that there should be a system requirement and a fast internet connection which you will be able to play games easily in the cloud.

APP Developer Update

windows 11 release date

It is a very good thing for those who are here and developers, it is being said that 100% of the revenue of the application will be given to the creator. I don’t know how much this is true, there will be some terms and conditions here Microsoft has said that there is a golden opportunity for developers here if developers do app creation.

Those who can upgrade directly to Microsoft after approval will share the full revenue with them. We got to see many new features in Windows 11, one of them is a very beautiful UI as well as the integration of Android Apps.

I have told you all the many features which were related to Microsoft but no one has told me about the security issue here. You will get the same protection that you were getting to see in Windows 10, maybe upgrade the version later and after that update it maybe some new feature will keep adding there.

If you want to know what is the minimum requirement to install Windows 11, then I would like to tell you that Microsoft has updated a page, which you can see in detail from here and clear everything. GO And Check Out Microsoft link provided below: Feature- Specific Requirement for Window 11


In today’s post we learned that when window 11 was released, the features of window 11. In this article, we have explained each and every feature of Windows 11 in a very easy way. Hope you got the necessary information from this post.

We have explained all the important information about window 11. If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post, then definitely tell us by commenting in the comment box.

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