What is a Web Server? Types of Web Server

Hello friends. How are you today I have brought a new topic for you? In which I am going to talk about Web Server Types. What is a web server in this blog? How does a web server work? It has a lot of importance in today’s Internet world. Because without this we will not be able to do anything on the internet. So let’s go ahead and try to find out about the webserver in detail.

What is a Web Server? Types of Web Server

What is Web Server? Types of Web Server

 A webserver is made up of a combination of two words. The web and server are made up of web servers. First of all, let us know about the web. The web is an information system.

Where all files and web resources are identified by URL. We also know the web as WWW. Now let’s know about the server. The basic meaning of a server is to serve. So in this way, if the webserver is found. So it means to serve all the data of internet.

The web server is made by combining two things:

1. Hardware

 2. Software

 Whatever we see on the internet, we can see it with the help of this hardware and software. Any of our web pages is on this webserver.

As we understand it with an example.

 When we do some work online like filling a form. And that time cannot be filled for some reason. So in this case, we say that the server has been down. So in that case the load on that server increases more. Meaning that more people use that server at a time. Due to this the website does not work properly.

And the server goes down.

What is a Web Server? Types of Web Server

Types of Web Server

Web Server is mainly of four types which are as follows:

  1. Apache webserver
  2. IIS webserver
  3. NGINX webserver
  4. Light speed web server


This is the most popular web server that apache foundation has created. It is one of the most famous servers all over the world. It is an  Apache webserver. Which works in every operating system. Such as windows, Linux, MAC, etc.

60 percent of the server works on apache only. It can be changed according to itself. Because it uses modular size. This gives us the advantage that we can add a new module according to our own.

It is very flexible in working with all other types of servers. New updates keep coming in it, which makes it even easier to use.


IIS means internet information services. It is a Microsoft product. It also works as the same apache server. Because all those options are also in apache. But it is not open source and neither can add any module to it.

When the module cannot be added, we are not able to make any changes to it. Because this is very difficult to do.

 Like I said above, Microsoft has made it. Because of which it works on almost all operating systems of Microsoft. We also get very good customer support in this. So that if we have any problem, then it can be easily fixed.


It is also an open-source server. Which acts like apache. In today’s time, It is a very popular server. Due to which it alone handles 7.5% of domain hosting in the world. Due to which hosting companies prefer this server more.


 As it looks from its name, it will be a very fast server. This is a very high-performance server. Because of this, it is used a lot. Also, it is the fourth such server in the world which is quite popular. It is also used commercially.

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Functions Of Web Server

 Whenever we want to watch any files or documents or movies on the internet. So in this way, we search that file on the internet. When a search is done, a request is sent to the website at that time.

And that request goes directly to the store files on the webserver. Which allows us to get those files or documents. All this happens very fast within 1 to 2 seconds or even in working time. Like, whenever we have to watch a video, we go to YouTube.

Then search on it which goes directly to the server of YouTube. And we can watch that video quite easily. Sometimes we also get an error.

For example, server error or server down means that the server is closed at that time. Or because of maintenance we also get to see this. You must have seen that sometimes the site is down due to maintenance. When we open a website, we type a URL. For example, at www.sneakytech.com this URL gets converted to an IP address with the help of DNS. And then it sends the request to the webserver with the help of an IP. Through which we can see the web pages of that website. All websites have different IP addresses.

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What is a Web Server? Types of Web Server ask about it in this blog. In which I have tried to tell almost everything. If you have any other questions, then you can comment on us. You can also ask me. If you have any suggestions, then please tell us, I will definitely share them on my site. So that more people can talk to you.

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