What is Web Hosting Service | Types of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting Service | Types of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting Service? Types of Web Hosting

First of all, we need Domain and Hosting to create any website. We are going to give you information about hosting in this post today, where we will tell you that What is Web Hosting Service? And why it is necessary.

Therefore, if you want to build a website, first of all, you will need to buy Web Hosting and if you talk about its price, then the better Web Hosting you buy, the higher the price will be.

Because many people who want to create their first website do not know about hosting at all and have a lot of trouble in the beginning, we decided to share this post with you where we will give you hosting related Will explain everything in detail.

Many things have to be kept in mind while creating a website, the most important of them is the domain but there is not much problem with the domain but there is a lot of problem with the hosting because the hosting is very different. There are various types and if you have never purchased hosting before, you find it very difficult to get the right hosting

In this post, we will tell you in full detail which hosting you have to buy and where to buy from, we will also give you complete information.

What is Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting is a service in which the place of keeping files of Website, Blog and Mobile App, etc. is provided. After which we can see all these files like Codes, Images, Videos, etc. with the help of the internet on any device.

Let us understand Web Hosting with the help of an example.

 We need a mark to live and to keep our belongings safe and if we live in someone else’s house, then we have to pay rent to live in that house.

In the same way, a place is needed to keep all the websites, blogs and mobile apps, etc. available on the Internet, which we call a Server or Web Hosting.

Data inside the server or web hosting such as Text, Photos, Videos, Gifs, etc. is safe and remains online for 24 hours so that anytime access, edit, move, or delete is done on computer or mobile with the help of the internet

Types of Web Hosting Service

There are 7 Best Types of Web Hosting Service

1. Shared Web Hosting

If you are creating a website for the first time or you have a very small business for which you do not need much work in the website and very few days of traffic is coming then shared hosting is a good option.

As the name itself suggests, Shared means to share. In Shared Web Hosting, more than one person keeps their websites on the server and uses the storage, bandwidth, etc. available on the server simultaneously.

Due to having more than one user on a server, its cost is also divided among all users, making Shared hosting the cheapest web hosting.

2. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting means you can buy this hosting and sell it to other people and earn a good profit.

Almost all web hosting service companies have a reseller hosting plan, by purchasing which you can start your own web hosting business in very little money.

3. Virtual Private Web Hosting

We call VPS a virtual private server.

Virtual Servers created by dividing a large Powerful Server into parts using virtualization technology is called Virtual private server. In this, only one user can use a VPS.

The word Private in this means that the server’s RAM, CPU, and other resources are not shared with the other person.

VPS is usually just by Shared hosting, using it makes the loading speed of the website fast.

It is expensive to buy VPS for any new website on which there is less traffic. Therefore, you should buy Shared hosting in the beginning and when traffic starts coming to the website, you can migrate the website on VPS.

If you are creating a website for the first time or you have a very small business for which you do not need much work in the website and very few days of traffic is coming then shared hosting is a good option


4. Dedicated Web Hosting

There is a lot of traffic on your website and there are lots of pages and lots of videos on your website, you need to get dedicated web hosting, in this, you are given a separate server, as much as you want. You can upload as many photos and videos as you like.

In Dedicated Server, a user is given full access to a server with Dedicated Resources which has the ability to handle a lot of traffic.

In Dedicated Hosting, the customer has complete control. Although the user is not the owner of the server, the users have full administrative rights to the server, which means that the customers themselves are responsible for the security and maintenance of their own server.

In Dedicated Hosting, you are the only one who uses and manages everything and due to being alone, you also have to pay all the expenses alone. Hence Dedicated Server is more expensive than other Hosting.

5. Managed Web Hosting

In this, the users get their own web server but full control of the user is not allowed on it.

Full control of the users is denied so that the Provider can guarantee the quality of service by not allowing users to modify the server or potentially cause problems such as configurations. The user does not own the server. Server customers are given Rent for the amount of time they have purchased the hosting.

6. Colocation Web Hosting

Colocation Web hosting service is similar to a dedicated web hosting service, but users own the Colo Server.

It is the most powerful and expensive type of Web Hosting service.

In most cases, the Colocation Provider cannot provide any support directly to its client’s machine, providing power, Internet access, and storage only for the server.

7. Cloud Web Hosting

It is a brand new sort of Web Hosting Service that gives all forms of package deal load-balanced servers to clients and permits for highly effective, scalable, and dependable internet hosting based mostly on Uses Billing.

The Cloud Hosted Website could also be extra dependable than the choice as a result of Cloud’s different pc can compensate when a chunk of {hardware} goes down.

Cloud Hosting expenses customers for the assets consumed by them. The lack of centralization might give customers much less management over the placement of their knowledge which generally is a downside for customers with knowledge safety or privateness considerations.

Some ISPs actively attempt to block the house server by rejecting incoming requests for TCP port 80 of customers’ connections and refusing to supply static IP addresses. A normal option to acquire a trusted DNS hostname is to create an account with a dynamic DNS service.

 Things to contemplate earlier than buying Web Hosting There are a variety of corporations on this planet that present the perfect internet hosting. But nonetheless, if you wish to get good website hosting, then some issues must be taken care of.

Such as Bandwidth, Disk Space, Uptime, Customer Services, and so on.


The capacity to enter knowledge per Second on a website is named Bandwidth. When the guests access the website, the server opens the knowledge being sought by the guests on their pc by utilizing some knowledge.

If there are extra visitors on the website or you possibly can say that guests are accessing extra, then the website of the website will get down in comparable conditions.

Disk Space:

The storage capability of your Web Hosting is named disk house, just as the pc has 500GB, 1TB, and so on., in the same method, the storage additionally stays within the internet hosting.

 Uptime: As lengthy as the website stays online or obtainable, it’s referred to as uptime. When the website is just not open because of any issues, then the time is named Down Time.

Customer service:

Customer service means that no matter the net firm we get website hosting from, it at all times signifies that 24 × 7 is offered.

Take a good response from the customer, if any downside of any type is solved, within the shortest doable time.


 Your website hosting must be in keeping with your funds as a result of if you can not afford website hosting subsequent time and make a website, then chances are you’ll be losing all of your hard work because of not with the ability to pay the internet hosting cash.

Therefore, internet hosting should at all times be achieved in keeping with your wants and keeping in thoughts the price range.


Before buying website hosting you first should see the assist of the Hosting Provider as a result of should you face any problem after buying internet hosting, then how and the way does the internet hosting supplier enable you to.

 So earlier than buying Web Hosting, undoubtedly test the Support of the Hosting Provider.

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Where to Purchase Web hosting service from?

Now comes the matter of buying Web Hosting Service, now it’s apparent that whichever firm has all these amenities obtainable if we use internet hosting solely then it will likely be extra helpful.

By the best way, right here I point out some good website hosting companies, who take special care of all these items.

  • Hostgator Web Hosting service
  • Bluehost Web Hosting Service
  • Godaddy Web Hosting Service
  • BigRock Web Hosting Service
  • Milesweb Web Hosting Service

Hostgator Web Hosting service

Hostgator is one of the prime website hosting corporations. These companies present Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Email, and so on.

If anybody doesn’t like internet hosting this firm, then this firm additionally takes 45 days money-back guarantee. Also, they have providers of 24 × 7 Customer Support.

Bluehost Web Hosting Service

Bluehost can be a superb web hosting Service company. Nowadays most individuals use WordPress which is like icing on the cake for the website in addition to Blogger. The WordPress firm has additionally thought of Bluehost to be the best for WordPress.

By the best way, Bluehost has two Servers, one for India and the opposite for the US. You can select the server according to the traffic coming to the website.

Godaddy Web Hosting Service

 Godaddy may be very popular for a site title, even today most bloggers buy domain title only from Godaddy. Along with Godaddy Domain Name, Web Hosting additionally provides, whose results are getting superb. So now with this domain name in addition to web-hosting may be purchased.

They mainly have 4 types of Plans Starter, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

 You can buy the plan in keeping with your want.

BigRock Web Hosting Service

Bigrock is also a good web hosting service company.

Bigrock is also a good web hosting Service Company. Its Customer Support is also considered very good. It is a great way to take respone and service of clients.

It offers three types of plans such as Starter, Advanced, and Business.

Milesweb Web Hosting Service

Miles web is considered India’s most trusted, trusted, and best web hosting service company. Milesweb has been registered in 2012 itself and is providing service since that time.

Talking about the customer service of this company, it means 24 × 37/365 is always available.

The necessary factor is that it provides a .com / .in area for a lifetime. In addition, Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate also provides.

Miles Web also offers three types of Plan Economy, Value or Unlimited.

The funny thing is that a discount coupon has been given in all its three plans. This discount coupon code gives a discount of 40%.

If you want more information about web hosting in detail, GO and Checkout Website Setup link provided below: A Detailed Guide to Different Types of Web Hosting


Hope you like the information about What is Web Hosting Server? Types of Web Hosting You ask about it in this blog. In which I have tried to tell almost everything. If you have any other questions, then you can comment on us. You can also ask me. If you have any suggestions, then please tell us, I will definitely share them on my site. So that more people can talk to you. If there is any question related to this post, then a comment is definitely asked.

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