The Complete Guide to Google Search Console Tutorial in 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to Sneakytech. In the previous article, we told you about Google Analytics and in this article, we will learn about Google Search Console. Do you know what is the Google Search Console, this is a completely free tool from Google.

Traffic is most important for a website or blog and you will get traffic from search engines only if your post is indexed. Now in this way how can you find out whether your post has been indexed or not?

So Google gives a free service, which we also call google search console or google webmaster tool, using this you can check the indexing of your website’s posts with this we can optimize our website better.

This tool is very essential for the website. You can add your website to this Webmaster Tool of Google And by using this tool you can increase the traffic of your website. so let’s know

You can use this free web tool from Google to track the performance of your website in real-time as well as inspect the URLs present on the website.

Google Search Console mails you the information about the errors coming in your website so that you can get to know the errors quickly and you can resolve the error before any outage.

Let us tell you that Google has launched an Official Plugin Site Kit By Google, which shows you all the reports of Google Search Console in the Dashboard of your WordPress website itself.

You can see the performance of your website on the Dashboard of Google Search Console Webmaster Tool so that you can find out how your website is performing on Google Search Engine. Along with this, this tool also provides you the complete URL Inspection Report.

What is the Google Search Console

What is the Google Search Console

It was previously called Google Webmaster. In 2015 Google Webmaster Tool was renamed to Google Search Console. This simply means that this tool was created to provide information about your website to Google so that Google can reach the information to your visitors.

Especially you can get Real-Time Performance of your Website as well as Valuable Insights of each Page and Post like Valid Pages, Crawl Error, Ranking keywords, and Impressions from google search console webmaster Tool.

This tool prepares and gives you the report of the web site’s ranking, indexing, errors, and issues, etc. And you can also use this Google Tool to delete any URL from your website.

How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

If you want to add your blog or website to Google Search Console. You have to follow the steps given below With which you can easily complete the verification by adding your website to Google Search Console.

Sometimes new bloggers get confused because they do not understand which option to fill the URL, so you do not have to worry, I will tell you in a very easy way how to add the website to Google Search Console, then let’s start

  • Go to Google Search Console. Click on the “Add a Property” button to add your blog URL,
What is the Google Search Console
  • After this, you see two methods to add the website. Using any one of these methods, you can add your website to Google Search Console.
  • First, select the URL Prefix Tab, then the URL of your blog website like – Enter the URL and click on Continue.
What is the Google Search Console
  • You have to Verify the Ownership of your Website, So Verify using the HTML Meta tag. This is the Easiest way to Verify the website.
What is the Google Search Console

What is the Google Search Console
  • Now copy the meta tag and go to your website Appearance Option and click on Theme Editor.
What is the Google Search Console
  • Now go to  Header.Php on the left side and paste it on the Header in the website and save it.
What is the Google Search Console
  • In the last step, click on the Verify Button in Google Search Console to verify the website
What is the Google Search Console

What is the Google Search Console

With these simple steps, Now your website add-in google search console. If you have any problem submitting the website in Google Search Console, then you can ask me.

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Features of Google Search Console

  • Site Overview
  • Site Performance
  • Coverage
  • Mobile Usability and AMP
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Links to Your Site
  • URL Indexing
  • URL Inspection
  • Manual Actions
  • URL Removals

Site Overview

What is the Google Search Console

The performance of the website is seen with the help of the Overview option in the Dashboard of Google Search Console. Here information about Search Result, Mobile Usability Report, and CTT (Click Through Tracking) is also available.

Site Performance

What is the Google Search Console

In this, we get information about Total Clicks, Total Impressions, and CTR. It shows how many people clicked on the webpage. Impression means how many times your post was shown on the search engine. When you click on the Performance tab you will see three things:

Average CTR: The full meaning of CTR is click-through rate, it is not necessary that the number of clips that have been visited has been many there are many reasons such as slow loading speed, bad internet connection, or change of user’s mind.

Total Click: This lets you know how many people have clicked by looking at your site on the result page, how many people have visited your website.

Total Impression: How many times your site’s name has appeared on this search engine result page.


When Google Crawler Visits Your Website And if it crawls, it shows you the report of all the web pages found like Valid Pages, Valid with Warning Pages, Error Pages, and Excluded Pages in your Coverage Option.

Error: In this section, Google tells the number of pages that could not be indexed due to some error.

Errors but indexed: In this part, the quantity of those pages is given, due to which there are small mistakes, but still Google has indexed those pages.

Valid Pages: In this column, the quantity of those pages is written in which Google does not face any error in indexing. The pages of your site are absolutely correct.

Excluded: In this part, the quantity of those pages is given which Google did not index deliberately, there is no error in it.

Mobile Usability and AMP

What is the Google Search Console

If you are using AMP Plugin on your website, then all AMP page errors are checked by Google Search Console. And you get the report of all Error Pages, Valid with Warnings Pages and Valid AMP Pages in Mobile Usability and AMP Option. Some of the main points are:

User-Friendly Pages: In this part, it is told which pages of your website are perfect to open on mobile, the user does not face any problem while opening those pages on mobile.

Large Size Pages: In this part, those pages have been told which are too big to be displayed on the small screen of the mobile, they are not visible on the screen in one turn, they have to be scrolled to see the whole, this site is not user friendly.

Small Size Pages: It has been seen many times that some websites which run very well on desktop but open them on mobile, their font size deteriorates, it becomes very small, making it difficult for the user to read.

Sitemap Submission

As you know that for every website it is necessary to create a Sitemap first. We can generate it through a plugin on the website.

If you use Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin in your website, then it generates a Sitemap for your website. You don’t need to recreate.

What is the Google Search Console

You can see the Sitemap of your website by copying the URL given below in a browser.

How to Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console

When you have created a sitemap for your website, then you have to submit the sitemap of your website to Google so that all your URLs will be indexed in Google.

  • To submit a sitemap, first you have to login to Google Search Console and click on the Sitemap option.
What is the Google Search Console
  • After that you have to enter the Sitemap URL of your website on Add a new sitemap.
What is the Google Search Console

  • After entering the Sitemap URL of your blog website on Add a new sitemap, then you have to submit the sitemap to Google by clicking on the Submit button.

In fact, the Sitemap Option is one such feature in Google Search Console. Which indexes all the pages, posts, and tags of your website in the search engine.

Links to Your Site

Google Search Console Tool shows us reports of External links, Internal links, Top linking sites, and Top linking text. It has 3 main parts:

External Links: External link is called the outgoing link from our website, this link should go to the website with good authority.

Internal Links: Internal link is called the link to be done on other posts of the website inside our website.

Top Linking Sites: This is a list of sites that give us backlinks in their content, in this part, you can see the sites that link back to you, this list does not have to belong, but the quality of those side backlinks, keywords and things like traffic is more important.

URL Indexing

What is the Google Search Console

You can see how Google will see your page by going to the View Crawl Page Option. When you check a post on your website with the URL Inspection Option And you come to know that the URL of your post is still not indexed in Google. So this means that your URL is not available to your visitors.

That’s why you can index the URL of your website post from the Google Search Console tool itself. Meaning you can send any URL of your website for indexing by going to Request Indexing.

URL Inspection

What is the Google Search Console

You can easily do a Live Inspection of all the URLs present on your website with the help of URL Inspection Options of Google Search Console Of course, you can check.

For example, I wrote a post a few days ago and even published it. Now if you want to know whether this post is available on Google Or whether the visitor is not showing any error in accessing it, etc., then you can check this with the URL Inspection Option.

Manual Actions

This is the tab in which we get information about the website being penalized by Google for any reason. This happens when buying backlinks or using keyword stuffing. These manual actions occur when a website is involved in illegal activities, spamming or fishy activities.

URL Removals

If you want to remove any URL of your website. So you can remove the URL very easily with the URL Removals Option of Google Search Console Tool.

Benefits of Google Search Console

  • Features found in google search console webmaster help in increasing the ranking of your website.
  • You can check and fix AMP Mobile Usability from Google Search Console.
  • With the help of Google Search Console, you can find any error that comes in the website post.
  • You can index your website posts in Google with the Google Search Console tool.
  • You can check for website security issues with the Google Search Console tool.
  • If your website is not correct according to Google Search Console. So you may find it very difficult to increase the traffic to your website and get the website ranked on Google.
  • We can also check URLs that are having trouble crawling Google’s bootable Google Search Console, this also helps us submit a sitemap of a website and find sitemap errors.

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In today’s post, we have learned about what is the google search console Webmaster is and how to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console, Features of Google Search Console, Benefits of Google Search Console. Hope you got the necessary information from this post.

Together we will learn all important information about Google Search Console. If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post, then do let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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