What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

What is the Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

Do you know what is the full form of AMP & What is Google AMP and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress? Or if you want to know How to set up Google AMP to improve the speed of your blog in mobile, then you have reached the right place.

AMP WordPress improves the website’s loading speed so that the website is loaded in a very short time on mobile. So let’s know that What is Google Amp plugin and how to setup Google Amp in a WordPress website?

First of all we will talk about how you can install Google AMP Plugin and we will tell you about the entire process to be done in full detail, after that we will tell you how to setup the plugin.

If you install this plugin in your website, then the loading speed of your website will definitely increase, which will help to rank your website in search engine.

In today’s time, about 80% of mobile has started being used, so most of the content search is on mobile. The level of mobile users has increased significantly compared to the computer.

So Google launched the AMP Plugin to make the User Experience even better. So that if you open any web page in mobile, then the web page opens quickly and the speed of the website is good as well as the website can be made more mobile-friendly.

In today’s this post, we will know what is Google AMP and its full form AMP. How to install AMP Plugin in WordPress Blog Website and how many times we can increase the speed of our website.

Full form of AMP

Full form of AMP – AMP Plugin has the full form “Accelerated Mobile Pages” AMP Plugin is used by Bloggers to Accelerate the Loading Speed ​​of their WordPress Blog Website.

Let’s know Google What is AMP Plugin [How to Set up Google Amp in Website]

What is Google AMP

Before giving any information about how the Google AMP Plugin is set up, we would also like to tell you what is Google AMP Pages? Which will give you complete information about it.

For your information here, let us know that this is a Plugin made by Google, Talking about its full form, Acceleration Mobile Page is through this plugin, we can increase the loading speed of the page of our website.

No matter how expensive hosting you use for your website, then the loading speed of your website will not increase as much as you install the AMP plugin inside your website, you will see a lot of difference.

Similar plugins are used in all websites that open on the Internet, so that they can open their website very quickly.

AMP is made up primarily of Google and Twitter So that it can be easy for mobile users to search any website on Google Google AMP is a free open-source framework

Google AMP Plugin proves to be very helpful in making any website mobile-friendly This makes your website super fast in a way

Google AMP Plugin is also used so that any user or Visitor comes to your website and Visitor does not have any problem in opening the page of your website and for that, the pages of your blog website are loaded in a very short time.

However, the Timing of Opening a Website Page also depends on your Hosting Server and User Internet. We can make our website mobile-friendly by installing the AMP plugin in WordPress

Why Google AMP is important in WordPress – Why Amp Plugin Is Necessary?

If the Google AMP plugin is being used on any website, then the pages of that website open quickly even if the speed of the Internet is low.

This Plugin focuses only on reading content on mobile, which increases the performance of the blog website.

Just as Ranking is important in Google, according to Google, AMP-enabled Sites are also given importance. This gives an advantage in Search Ranking and it is more possible to increase traffic.

The AMP plugin helps to read the content of the website, in a way, the blog gets optimized in readable form, which reduces the bounce rate and the user stays on the website for a long time.

How to setup AMP Plugin in WordPress

You have to follow some simple steps for the setup of the AMP Plugin in your WordPress website.

Step 1.Open the WordPress website and install the Amp plugin

To set up Google AMP Plugin, the first login to your WordPress website.

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Step 2. Add AMP Plugin

After login into the WordPress website, click on the Plugins option and then click on “Add New”.

What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

Step 3. Search AMP Plugin

Now you will reach the WordPress Plugin site where you search for AMP Plugin by typing “AMP Plugin”.

What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

Step 4. Install and Activate AMP Plugin

  • After searching the AMP Plugin, click on the Install button.
  • After installing, click on active and then go to the setting option.
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Step 5. Setup AMP Plugin

Now you will see 3 Options – Standard, Traditional, and Reader.Here you can make some changes as per the need.

What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

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How to Deactivate AMP Plugin from WordPress Website

The main objective of AMP is to increase the loading speed of the User Experience and your website. Still, there are many flaws in it and the biggest drawback is your website earning has a lot of effects, it never works on any website.

To deactivate, first log in to your WordPress site. Then go to the plugins page and Deactivate the AMP plugin.

What is Google Amp and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress?

How to Check if AMP Plugin Implementation happened on the website

After the AMP Plugin install, it is very easy to check whether this implementation happened on the website or not Copy link to any post URL and go to any search engine on mobile.

Write AMP at the end of the URL and click. Now you will see that the speed of the web page has already increased and the web page content is showing in a well-read form.

If you want more information about WordPress AMP Plugin in detail, GO and Checkout MPR Studio link provided below: How to Set Up Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on Your WordPress Site


In this post, we learned what is Google AMP, what is Google AMP, what is its full form, full form of AMP, What is Google Amp, and how to setup Google AMP Plugin in WordPress. In which I have tried to tell almost everything. If you have any other questions, then you can comment on us. You can also ask me. If you have any suggestions, then please tell us, I will definitely share them on my site. So that more people can talk to you. If there is any question related to this post, then a comment is definitely asked.

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