What is Anchor Text and why is it important for SEO in 2021

Hello Everyone Welcome to Sneakytech Today in this post you will know what is Anchor Text and why is it important for SEO? If you also do not know why you use Anchor Text, then this post is for you, anchor text is also good for SEO, so you should use anchor text properly in your website,

When you click on that text, you will be redirected to another page or website. This text is called anchor text. Whenever you are reading a post on a website on your computer and your cursor turns into a hand icon by going to any text in that post. Can be linked, so you can call it Link, on which if you click, then whatever web page is linked to it will open that page.

I understood in very simple words, Anchor Text is a Web Page Link, whereas the link that you share on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, the link can be of any type like Website Link, Social Media Link or YouTube Video Link, When you share the link of any YouTube video to your friend on WhatsApp, then that video reaches your friend as a link by clicking on which it gets redirected to YouTube and the same video gets played automatically. Now, by clicking on the Link Text, your friend is watching the video, while the Link Text is an Anchor Text.

Similarly, if we understand Anchor Text in short, when we give a link to a website, the text is included in the link which is called Anchor Text.

From this information, you must have come to know that what is anchor text, now also know why anchor text is important for SEO?

What is Anchor Text & Why it is important for SEO

Why Anchor Text Site is Important for SEO

  • Anchor text is necessary to visit any web page. If you want to create a link for a website, image, or video, then Anchor Text is important for that too.
  • To create SEO Friendly Anchor Text for fr website (Anchor text is also necessary for Wbesite SEO)
  • To add a link to another post in your post, it is necessary to use anchor text, so that users can switch from one post to another in just one click.
  • Anchor Text is necessary to give backlinks to a website or to get backlinks from other sites.

How Anchor Text is Important for Website Ranking (SEO)

When you give a Dofollow Backlink to a website with the help of Anchor Text, then at that time you type some words for Anchor Text, by clicking on which the user can go to another site,

That word can be anything, if you want, you can create a link in the name of the post for which you are giving the link or you can write a text like simple read more, but when you create a related link to the same post, then Google also feels that the link you have given is related to the same post, so the ranking chances of the website increase.

Therefore, if you are giving backlinks for articles related to On-Page SEO, then you can use keywords like On-Page SEO.

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What are the types of anchor text?

There are 5 types of Anchor Text,

  1. Partial match
  2. Exact match
  3. Naked URL
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Branded text

Partial Match

If you did not give me a backlink from AdSense Approval Tricks Text, but gave a link on related keywords like AdSense Approval Tricks, etc., then such a link will be called Partial Match.

Exact Match

Suppose you have written an article on AdSense Approval Tricks and I want a backlink for my post from your same post, then if you link me to the same Exact AdSense Approval Tricks Text then it will be called Exact Match Anchor Text.

Naked URL

If I create a link using the direct post URL / Permalink, then it will be called Naked URL,


When we use the URL of a website post as anchor text, then such text is called Naked URL anchor text.

Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous Anchor Text)

You can easily understand this when we share a post with someone and click here for more information, read more, Vist For More Information, etc. Using the text, we give a link, then this type of anchor text is called a miscellaneous anchor Text

Branded Text

This type of text is used to give backlinks to a brand, like the name of my website is fully4me.in, if I use this text to backlink to a site, then it will be called Branded Text – Anchor Text, here I have given my The example of the site is given, but when you give a link to a big website or brand (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal), it will also be called Branded Text.

How To Create Anchor Text ?

Anchor text is a link, so it is clickable, meaning you can click on it to go to a page, HTML tag is used to create clickable text, an example of this is given below.

Example: sneakytech

In this example the target link is http://www.example.com and the Anchor Text is Click here. The anchor text will be clickable and its color will be blue, you can change the color later.

If you want to know about Anchor text in detail from here and clear everything. GO And Check Out Reliablesoft link provided below: What is Anchor Text and why is it important?


In this post, I have told you what is Anchor Text and why is it important for SEO? I hope you have come to know the important information related to Anchor Text, We have explained all the important information about Anchor text. If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post, then definitely tell us by commenting in the comment box.

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