Best 6 Tips to solve the Hanging issue in Android Mobile

Best 6 Tips to solve the Hanging issue in Android mobile

Hello Everyone welcomes to Sneakytech If your smartphone also hangs, again and again, friends, this article is for you. Because are often seen that even after having a big battery and a strong processor, the phone starts hanging, but people could not figure out what is the reason for the phone hanging.

In this article, I am going to tell you some reasons and Tips, by following which you can save your smartphone from hanging. So let’s start.

Best 6 Tips to solve the Hanging issue in Android Mobile Phone

  1. Live Wallpaper
  2. Cache Data
  3. Reset
  4. Update
  5. Internal Storage
  6. Restart

Live Wallpaper

One reason for the slowness of the phone is also that people often set live wallpaper in their smartphone, due to which the phone can hang quite a lot. So if you want your phone not to hang then use only normal wallpaper in your phone.

Cache Data

The second reason for the phone being slow is cache data, if you do not delete the cache data of your mobile, then your phone starts hanging, so keep clearing your phone’s cache file from time to time.

Whatever you use the application or install the application on your smartphone, due to which the cache data of your mobile gets collected again, due to which the phone hangs a lot. So keep cleaning your phone’s cache file.


Now let’s talk about the third Tips, suppose you are using any type of smartphone, then it is necessary to reset it from time to time for its good performance.

You must reset your phone once every six to seven months, while also clearing the cache of apps along with resetting, it increases the speed of your smartphone and happened and your phone starts working well.


If your phone is slow then it is also one of the reasons for not updating the phone. If you want the speed of your phone to be good, then for that you should also keep updating your phone.

Many times the phone starts working slow due to not updating the smartphone on time. Updating in such a situation brings new features which make your smartphone performance much faster.

Internal Storage

One of the reasons for slowing down is also that your phone’s internal storage is full. Often people save all their data in the internal storage of this smartphone, while due to the full internal storage, that phone becomes slow, which makes it difficult to use.

In such a situation, the internal storage of the phone has to be emptied, once the internal storage is emptied, the phone starts working well, then friends, in such a situation, you should save your phone’s internal storage from getting full so that your phone doesn’t hang and work well.


Friends, now let’s talk about the sixth Tips, if the new smartphone starts working slowly, then it must be restarted once.

By doing this, the temporary files of the Android system are deleted, while the memory of the smartphone is also cleared, which helps in processing the phone faster.

While restarting, you have to keep this thing in mind that you have to restart your phone, not switch off, so friends, here were some reasons and tips by using which you can save your phone from hanging.

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In this post, I have told you the Best 6 Tips to solve the hanging issue in android mobile phones. we have told all the important information Tips & reasons for the hanging issue in android mobile phones. If you have any questions related to this post then you can ask your question in the comment box. We will try to answer you soon.

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