PUBG MOBILE/BGMI X New Collorborate With Spider-man No Way Home

PUBG MOBILEBGMI X New Collorborate With Spider man compressed

As you play the mod, you’ll see a special Spider-Man entry on your plane. In this mode, you will also get to see a villain boss with Spiderman, and you will only see Spiderman and enemy boss in the powerplant in one place throughout the map. As the time starts, the Spiderman and villain boss fight will start. The fight will look like a movie scene, here you will also see robots nearby and it will attack you, whose damage will be as much as the ones you kill, you will not get their loot box, instead you will see all the guns.

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When you will be killing robot then villain boss will attack on you then you have to escape from villain boss. If you jump outside the power plant you can’t get inside, then the red shield will become one after another or you can’t get inside it then you have land inside the power plant. As soon as the fight is over here. Then you will see a lootbox in which you will see the level 3 helmet, level 3 vest and bullets of all the guns as well as the spiderman suit. If you have the suit then you will see a button on the screen If you press the button, your character will get to see the Spiderman suit.

You will get to see Powers in this suit. First of all you will get to see the button on the screen which will be the speed run tab When you are using speed run your character will run fast for few seconds. This will increase your health cover. If you use speed run or jump together, then you are also going to see the benefit of long jump here.

In this suit you can only use throwable or health here you will get to see spider web bomb in the same spider supply box if you use spider web bomb on anime then your enemy will slow down so that you can kill your enemy can kill easily. The name of the last power will be Web Launcher, if you have to throw the web by aiming at the location you want to go, then you will reach the location with the help of the web. So while playing this mode, you are going to get the full Spiderman feel. If you like this mode, then do tell by commenting

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