Top 14 Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Leakes & Features 1.8 Version

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Hello everyone welcome to Sneakytech.So friends In the previous post, we told you about the upcoming features of BGMI/PUBGMOBILE’s New Resort Map in version 1.8. In this article I will tell you Top 14 Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Leakes & Features 1.8 Version, So let’s start.

Top 14 Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Leakes & Features 1.8 Version.

  1. New Map Livik
  2. Ai Bots
  3. Dbno Swiming
  4. Auto Jump
  5. Ray Robot & Socks Category
  6. Respawn Tower
  7. New Map Collection
  8. Graffiti Square Lobby Theme
  9. New 3D Lobby Effect
  10. Enemy Alert Indicator
  11. Ac Core Red Dot(After Math Mode)
  12. Aftermath Machine
  13. Riot Shield
  14. New Missions Tab & Collect Screen

1) New Map Livik

It has been 1 year since our LIVIK map was released, so finally LIVIK map has come out of beta version and its final version has come, then you can call it final version. Which has completely changed the LIVIK map and removed the grass. Changed some locations too and by removing the snow that was in the LIVIK map, a big volcano will be seen in its place. Which is our livik map.

There was a volcanic eruption some time ago, due to which the map has changed some of the buildings and some buildings have been broken. The grass which was in the livik map has also been burnt in the eruption, due to which you are getting to see the grass work throughout the map. Have repositioned some of the building and added it to the end of the map as a volcano.

Apart from this, which is another location in the map, the cranes that have been dropped in it and there was a ship have also been removed.The biggest change is the buildings in Meadstein, their position has changed and an apartment was demolished.

2) AI Bots

So the bots that you used to come across the map are going to be very powerful, which will be difficult to die because their movement speed is going to be high which will make you crouch prone and peak and give you a long range. The bots are going to throw throwables very well at you.

These bots are going to reduce your health a lot. There were boats that used to leave from anywhere. But no friends, these boats are not going to happen like this, these boats are going to be very powerful. These boats have been made like real players.

3) Dbno Swiming

When the 1.8 update will come, you will have a choice here that your teammate can revive you under water as well as you know that earlier when someone used to shoot you ENEMY, then you were straight under water. Used to be killed but after the 1.8 update it won’t.

Rather, you will have the chance that you can swim to your teammate by being knocked in the water. So that your teammate saves you by REVIVE you, I really liked the features which you will get to see in the 1.8 update.

4) Auto Jump

This feature was also visible to you in the past also, which you can enable by going to the settings. You can do this in classic, when you have to jump at any location, then mark the location where you have to go and click on auto jump, then you will automatically land at that location.

5) Ray Robot & Socks Category

When you are standing in the lobby, a robot appears around you, which tells you a new message, its new skin or clothes are coming. A Socks type column has been added to the inventory but it is not known which skin is going to appear in this column but a new column has been added. These are some features added which are in the 1.8 update

6) Respawn Tower

From its name, you must have known that what is going to be done by it. Basically like ENEMY kills you, then your teammate will have a chance that he can respawn you again when he goes to the respawn tower RECALL If you click on it, you will respawn. When you will respawn, you will get any SMG gun. Which I found quite right.

7) New Map Collection

As soon as the 1.8 update comes, the interface of the map collection that you have is going to change and your classic their locations will be changed and the locations of evo map have also changed and along with your ROOM, CHEERPARK, TRAINING GROUND They have been shifted upwards.

8) Graffiti Square Lobby Theme

This is a graffiti square lobby theme which you will see in update 1.8 and you will get to see helmet, graffiti, containers and design. So our next update is going to be the overall theme.

9) New 3D Lobby Effect

When the 1.8 update will come or any update after that, your lobby has been changed to 3D. As you move your phone, your lobby will also move which is put in to give you a realistic feel in the game.

10) Enemy Alert Indicator

Which you have to enable from the settings so that if ENEMY comes from the side around you, then on the same side you will see a red color indicator on your screen. If ENEMY is doing nearby then you will get to see that too.

11) Ac Core Red Dot(After Math Mode)

In this mode when you pick up any gun, it will already have a scope named AC CORE REDODT will happen. This mod is coming under 1.8 update and you can not take this scope off and you will see an indicator in the scope when ENEMY comes in your scope then the indicator will turn red so that it will be easier for you to hit ENEMY.

12) Aftermath Machine

In this you will get some gold coins, from which you can go to the market machine and ask for anything, which you will get to see all over the map.

13) Riot Shield

This is also a new riot shield which you will get to see in this mode. Its size is much bigger than the normal shield which gives you good cover. This shield is very weak which if ENEMY kills 30 bullets on it then it will break easily.

14) New Missions Tab & Collect Screen

In the 1.8 update, you will have the UI of the missions then that will be changed which will look quite unique to see. When you collect any similar, its background has also been changed.

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In this post, I have told you Top 14 Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Leakes & Features 1.8 Version. you have any questions related to this post then you can ask your question in the comment box. We will try to answer you soon.

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