PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.8 New Updates & Features

Hello everyone welcome to Sneakytech. So today I am going to tell you PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.8 new features. Which you are going to experience in 1.8’s feature. As you know that your pubg mobile and bgmi are collaborating with Jujustu Kaisen in update 1.8.

Features and leaks of BGMI/ PUBG Mobile 1.8 version

  • New Collect Screen
  • Jujustu Kaisen Mode
  • Curse Spirit Crate
  • Curse Mode Livik
  • Jujustu Kaisen Spawn Island
  • Events UI Upgrade
  • Cathy Monster Grenade
  • Nev 8V8 Mode

1) New Collect Screen

So guys when your match is over when you collect missions rewards then you will get to see new unique design.

2) Jujustu Kaisen Mode

That is a new Jujustu Kaisen mod that you will see in the update to 1.8. Talking about the size of the mode, it is a very small size mode. Almost will be 5 to 6 MB in size. Which will come in the update of 1.8.

3) Curse Spirit Crate

So friends, there are some places in the map where there is a cursed spirit crate, as soon as you are around it, you will hear different types of sound and you can detect its location.

4) Curse Mode Livik

Jujustu is the mode of Kaisen , you will also get to see it in the livik map, the characters that are there in it will also be seen where you are spawn. There are four locations in Total Livik, different characters will be seen at four locations. After talking about this, here you can do the mission with cycle memories.

5) Jujustu Kaisen Spawn Island

When you play this mode, there is a spawn island of Jujustu Kaisen , as if you start this mode, then you have the characters related to Jujustu Kaisen here. You get to see them on the spawn island. So here you can go to them and talk to them like you have done with arcane characters. So the total here is four characters. One would be GOJO, YUJI then here MAGUMI here is NOBARA which I think is female. But these four characters which you can see and talk on spawn island.

6) Events UI Upgrade

When the update of 1.8 comes, then after that your events which used to be there, there will be some change in their area. The events that used to come before us, you used to see them in horizontal, but now those events are also convert to portrait here.

There is some background behind it, it has been changed, if you will get to see any events in the future, then the first thing is that here its name will be seen in the corner and its time will be seen below it. You will have to work or login, you will get to see it on the top and the collect button will appear on the side. So this will be the UI of the new events. Which will be seen in your 1.8 update.

7) Cathy Monster Grenade

When you play this mode, you will find lootable items all over the place which are actually grenades. Whose name is CATHY MONSTER GRENADE. That grenade is the character of Jujustu Kaisen, here your CATHY looks like it and you will see the throwable section on here, as soon as you throw it, you can throw it only on low toss and You can’t throw it on the high toss, when you throw it, a ring is formed here, there is some spirit of fire type, then there is a big monster from here, he comes out and rolls his whole you will come out good.

They have added the effect of the monster grenade and as soon as this special effect ends here and the whole monster is gone.If you’re around him, he’ll payattack you. If you are here solo then you will find it very difficult to die. It will kill you or knock you if you happen to be with your team. Almost you need a whole squad to kill it.

So friends, you are going to have a lot of fun doing this monster grenade. Give it so that it helps you in killing the enemy and you pay attention if you are in its range, then it will attack you too, you can also get knocked by its attack. If you kill this monster then you will get level 3 west Helmet guns and ammo will also be available.

8) Nev 8V8 Mode

8 and 8 mode is coming in 1.8 the name of that map will be saidorni. This mode will come in two categories. One will be our team death, followed by arena training, it will be available in two modes.Which is this mode, how will it work, so friends, to play it, you need a squad here as soon as your squad is complete.

You can detect matchmaking inside you will have total 16 guys who will play this mode 4 will be in your squad and 4 will be any random squad that will join you in the mode and there will be 8 enemy. Like you have to do 40 points of wherehouse and tdm but if there are more guys then you have to do 80 kills in it.

The one who scores 80 points first here wins. One more thing guys what used to happen till now is that if you used to play tdm then you used to have blue team but after this 1.8 update your tom can be red or blue. So friends, this will be a new thing which we will get to see in 1.8.

After that a new achievement is going to come in our 1.8 update. It is going to be related to 8v8 which will be named 8v8 MASTER. You will have to play 8v8 to complete this achievement.

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