How To Fix App Not Installed Error on Android Phones 🤔🙄 ?

Hello friends, welcome to Sneakytech, today in this article we will know how to fix App Not Installed Error and going to tell you the solution to this problem related to your smartphone.

If you also use a smartphone, then at some point you must have downloaded and installed apps from Play Store or other websites. Have you ever seen any app not install error, if yes, then we are going to tell you the solution to this problem in this article, so let’s start

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When does APP NOT INSTALLED appear?

App not installed error We see this error when we try to download and install any application from the play store or any other browser. Sometimes we also see that the app is not installed.

We try our best to fix this but it doesn’t happen. When a small problem is not solved quickly, we find it to be a huge problem.

Then we take our smartphone and go to a mobile shop and then that shopkeeper extorts money by telling us a software problem. Although this problem is not a big problem. Let us tell you about its solution today.

Why is the app not installed on Android?

This app is not installed is shown to us due to change or error in the settings of the smartphone, there can be many reasons for this, I will tell you some reasons about it.

  1. Lack of storage on the phone
  2. Incompatible version
  3. Disabling the game protects
  4. Application file getting corrupted
  5. Insufficient system permissions to Turn off

Lack of storage on the phone

If you try to download any app or app on your smartphone then if you get any app not installed error then one of the reasons could be lack of storage in your phone, you should check your phone storage first.

Incompatible version

Like any game, if you download it was made for Android 8.0 “Oreo”. If I try to install it on the KitKat version. So I am not able to install it on my mobile.

Because the version is wrong. There is no way you can install such a file on your mobile and play it. For this reason, also you get an App Not Installed Error show.

Disabling the game protects

This can also be a reason for the app does not install an error. If Play Protect is wrong in which setting or any permission is turned off, we still get this error show, this is also the biggest reason.

Due to all these reasons, this problem occurs again and again in your smartphone, now we will know about its solution.

Application file getting corrupted

Another reason could also be that the application is corrupted because of the app not being installed, if you are downloading any application from any website or any other unauthorized link from any place other than the play store then you need to be careful.

Any such app can damage your phone. If you install such an app, you must first check whether it is corrupt or not. If corrupt you see App not installed error.

Always check the reviews for that application too. Also, see people’s comments and ratings. And also, always download any app or application from a trusted source.

Insufficient system permissions to Turn off

App Not Installed error also appears due to some insufficient system permission. This issue also appears when some required permissions are turned off in the phone’s settings.

How to fix app not installed error

Now we will tell you about the solution to the problem of the app not being installed, that too step by step.

Step 1

  • First of all, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone, after opening Setting you have to search for installed unknown apps in the search bar.
  • After searching you will see Install Unknown Apps show. you have to click on it
  • Then you will get many app shows. You need to turn on Allow from this source by clicking here alternately on Google Chrome and Whatsapp and play store.

Step 2

  • Now you have to open Setting again and you have to scroll down further in Settings.
  • Here you will also show the option of Google Play Protect, you have to click on it.
  • If you do not find Google Play Protect on scrolling, then you will easily find it by searching Google Play Protect in the search bar.
  • Now you will come to Play Protect, now you will see the option of setting in the top right, click on it.
  • There you will see the option of Scan Apps and Play Protect, you have to turn on that permission.
  • Now you have to come to the home screen and after you are done, restart your phone. Now you will be able to install your app.

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