How to Enable Android System Webview

In today’s article, we will know what is Android System Webview? If you are an Android user, then you must have seen an App named Android System Webview on your smartphone at some point in time.

Whether you have seen it on your Google Play Store or in your App list. Now the question arises that what is it used for and what is its use? In today’s article, we will tell you about this

What is Android System Webview

It is a pre-installed app made by Google which is present in every Android smartphone. Android System Webview is an app powered by Chrome that puts you in control of all your other apps

It lets us watch internet-related content on all other Apps With its permission, we can open any link on third-party apps.

Android system web view keeps us up to date with the latest security and we should keep it updated from time to time.

Because if there is an error in our device then it provides security to the device by fixing it. All the apps on our smartphones are connected to it.

The Android system makes the Webview browsing experience very easy, it helps us to open any link on the same app which is the best option for us.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android System Webview

  • There is no harm in having an android system web view on your smartphone, if this app is disabled in your phone then you may be at loss.
  • This keeps our data safe. If we do any transaction, it keeps all our information secure.
  • Similarly, if we try to sign up on an app and enter all the information, the Android system provides us with Webview protection so that none of our data is leaked.
  • With this help, you can open any link on a third-party app and if there is any bug in your device then the android system Webview fix it so that our device is safe.

How to Enable Android System Webview

If ever you reset your smartphone or it gets disabled automatically then how will you enable it? Here I am going to tell you, Follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to open the seat of your mobile. After that, you have to click on the Developer option there. Then you have to click on Webview implementation.
  • This will enable the option of Webview on your android system. After enabling from here you have to update your android system Webview by going to Playstore.
  • Another thing to note is that if your Android version is Oreo and Nougat, then you will be able to disable it by default on your smartphone. If you are using an older version below it then you will enable it.
  • Android System Webview is always hidden in your smartphone, this makes it easy to use your mobile.

If you want to know about Android System WebView t in detail from here and clear everything. GO And Check Out We The Geek link provided below: How To Enable Disable Android System Webview

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In this post, I have told you what is system Webview and what are its advantages and disadvantages as well as we have also told you how to Enable the Android system Webview. we have told about all the important information about the android system WebView. If you have any questions related to this post then you can ask your question in the comment box. We will try to answer you soon.

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