How to Add Category and Subcategory in WordPress

How to Add Category and Subcategory in WordPress

How to Add Category and Subcategory in WordPress

Hello friends, today we are going to know how to Add Categories WordPress, if you are a new blogger and learning to blog, then this post today is going to be very important for you.

if you are a beginner WordPress user and you have started your blog some time back, then you have a lot to learn in WordPress.

In which adding a category to any WordPress website is a very important task. To properly post posts and pages in WordPress, creating a category is very important.

Categories and Sub-Categories make your site easy for users. Therefore, the categories in the blog should be used properly so that your readers can easily find the topics as per their interests.

Apart from this, using the categories properly in WordPress also affects the SEO ranking of the website. The category option has different importance in WordPress because the category makes it easier for the user to read any blog.

So today we will know how in WordPress we can create categories and subcategories of posts. So let’s go ahead and know that How to Add Categories WordPress,

What is a Category in WordPress

WordPress has a classification method to categorize posts in different categories By keeping the content written in the website in categories, Google’s bots easily crawl the blog.

When adding a category in WordPress one has to select the Category Name, Slug, Parent Category, and Description option. The same post can be added to more than one category but it is better to select the category for one post only.

How to Add Categories WordPress

In WordPress, a category with an un-categorized name is already created. You can create a new category by going to Category Name. So let’s know how to make new categories –

Screenshot 315

Steps 1. First of all, go to the toolbar on the left side of your WordPress dashboard and click on the Categories option under the Post option.

Steps 2. Now you will come to the Add New Category section. Write the name of the category in the name option here. In the slug option, you do not need to make a slug, here an automatic slug will be created.

Steps 3. If you want to create another Sub-Category inside the Category. Then select Main Category in Parent Category.

Hereafter filling in all the necessary information related to the category, click on “Add New Category”.
If you want, you can also edit or delete categories from here.

The best thing is,In this way you can create category in wordpress, then you can also write a good description for the category, which is a good factor from the point of view of SEO.

Now you click in Add New Category Now you will see that your new category has been created.

What are Parent Category and Child Category in WordPress?

WordPress allows categories to be categorized in two ways: Parent Category and Child Category. This not only helps in sharing different types of content, but it also provides a proper site structure to your site.

When you create a category in WordPress, it is created by default as a parent category and when you add another category within that category, it is called a child category for the parent category.

Let us understand it with the help of an example. Suppose What is Blog? If you write a post for this, then it is obvious that the category of this post will be Blog. And then you also write a post-related Technology Blog, which is a part of the Blog.

Screenshot 314

Now here you can use Parent or Subcategories. Here, you can make Technology Blog a Child or Subcategory of Blog. I understand that now you must have understood very well what is the difference between both the parent category and child category.

How to Add a Post to the Category in WordPress?

  • To add a post to the category, go to your Gutenberg Editor page. Gutenberg Editor in WordPress is where you are writing content.
  • On the right-hand side of the Gutenberg Editor Page, go to the Setting option and click on Post.
  • You will see that you will get the category option at the bottom. Here you select the category
  • Now click on “Add New Category” button.
Screenshot 324

As soon as you click on Add New Category, two New Boxes appear just below it.

How to Add Categories WordPress
  • Below New Category Name, type whatever new category name you want to give. There is no need to write anything in the parent category.
  • Now click on “Add New Category” button.
  • Just the post you are writing now, that category will be set for that post.

So this way you can display any of the categories of your post-wise.

How to Create Child Category (Subcategories) in WordPress?

Just like you have learned to create categories in WordPress, in the same way, you can also create subcategories, just a little more attention is needed. Let’s understand. When you write a post, click on the category option on the lift site.

Now after clicking on Add New Category, type whatever child category or subcategory you want to create. Now work here a little careful because any child category is created only when a patent category remains.

How to Add Categories WordPress

Therefore, to create a child category, click on the drop-down box containing the parent category and select a parent category for it. And then click on Add New Category.

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How to Add Categories to Menus in WordPress?

  • To add any category to the menu in WordPress, you click on Appearance in the toolbar on the left side of the WordPress dashboard and click on the Menus option next.
  • Now click on the category option in Add Menu Items From here, click on the category you want on the menu bar of your site’s home page and click on Add to Menu.
  • Now, these categories will be added to the Menu Structure. If you wish, you can also set the position of these categories by drag and drop
  • Next, select the Display Location in the Menu Setting and click on the Save Menu. Now come to your website and refresh.

Whenever the user clicks on any category on your website, the user will be displayed the post related to your category.

How to Add Sub-Menu to Menu in WordPress?

In WordPress, there is no option to add a Sub Menu to the menu of every theme. It depends on your theme But the administrator has permission to add all categories to the menu of the website.

  • For this you go to the dashboard of WordPress, go to Appearance and click on Menus.
  • Next, under Add Menu Items, you go to the category option at the bottom, tick here next to Sub-Menu and click on Add to Menu.
  • Now it will be added to the Sub – Manu option Menu Structure. Next, in the Menu Structure, you have to drag all the category options in and now you will see that you will see Sub Items written.
  • Next, select the Display Location in Menu Setting. And click on the Save Menu and come to your site and refresh.

So in the menu option in the site like this, you can also add the sub-category.

If you want more information about how to Add Categories WordPress in detail, GO and Checkout The WP Hosting link provided below: Beginners Guide to Creating Categories and Subcategories in WordPress


In today’s blog, how to add categories WordPress? What are Parent Category and Child Category in WordPress? How to Add Categories WordPress to Menus in WordPress? How to Create Child Category (Subcategories) in WordPress? How to Add Sub – Menu to Menu in WordPress? Get the information about which you must have easily understood how to add categories WordPress.

Hopefully, you will have learned a lot about the setting how to add categories WordPress from this article today

If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post, then do let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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