How to Add a Google Map in WordPress

How to add a google map in WordPress

Hello Everyone, in today’s article, How to add a google map in WordPress ?

Google Maps is a very good or best working tool. On which we can see the location, driving direction, own house, and other full earth by zooming out and zooming in with the help of satellite. Mostly the easiest way to see your direction and location. It gives real-time location and navigation information. If you have a blog than a website then you can help embed the map on your site. The same readers can see the location and direction by opening the map directly on your site.

If you do an online business sitting at home and are running an e-commerce website, then it is very important for you to add Google Maps to your website. So that the online customer can know more about your business.

Embedding Google Maps on the website allows your reader to visit your site whenever they need to know the direction or location of Google Maps. This will increase traffic and user interest in your site.

Many personal bloggers embed Google Maps on the Contact Us page of their website. In such a situation, whenever a visitor wants to contact him, he can go to the Contact us page and find him in Google Maps.

So let’s proceed without any delay how to add a google map in WordPress

Embedding Google Maps on the website has many benefits in business. If your product is good then people want to connect with you directly to buy more quantity of your product, so if your business or shop address is present on your website then it is easy for visitors to contact you.

In WordPress website, Google Map is mainly added in two ways.

WP Google Map Plugin

Google Embed a Map

Let us understand these two ways in turn to add Google Map to the website.

How to add a google map in WordPress with WP Google Map Plugin?

  • First, you go to the Plugin Option in WordPress and click on Add New. Next search for WP Google Maps Plugin. Install it and click on Activate.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the Maps option in the navigation menu on the left.
 How to add a google map in WordPress
  • Next set the size of the map. Drag Google Maps to where you want them to be and click Update. Next WP Google Maps will automatically create a map on your page using the selected settings.

So this is how we can embed google maps on our website. It is very important to have Google Map on any business-related site so that it is easy for the user to contact the online business owners.

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How to add embed a map in your site using Google Maps

I am telling you a very simple way to add Google Maps to the site so that you can easily add a map to your site with the help of Google Maps.

  • First, you go to Google Maps or enter your location. To open the location, click on the menu icon of the top left side Me 3 lines.
How to add a google map in WordPress
  • Click Share Now or Embed on Map. Now a pop-up box will open click on embed map in it.
How to add a google map in WordPress
  • Now select the size you want to add on the map site in Small, Medium, Large, or click on Custom Size to set your own size. Save the setting to copy the HTML code of the URL of the bad map to select the size
How to add a google map in WordPress
  • Now go to your website where you want to add maps and paste this code in the text / HTML section. For example, you can see my set up sitemap

In this way, you can embed a map add on your website with the help of Google Maps. Now any user can come to your site and check the direct location, direction. You can do this to increase user engagement on your site by adding a map. It is not necessary but you can use it if you want.

If you want more information about how to add a google map in WordPress website in detail, GO and Checkout WPbeginner link provided below: How to Add Google Maps in WordPress


How to add a google map in WordPress website in two ways? Hopefully, you will have learned a lot about the setting how to add a google map in WordPress website from this article today

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