Top 11 Features Of Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Resort Map Island

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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you that a new map is going to come PUBG MOBILE / BGMI, its name is going to be RESORT ISLAND like you must have come to know after hearing the name that the map which is here will be an island and some resorts in it. It will happen like that, you will get to see something like this.

So friends, you know that here is the ERANGLE, VIKENDI, MIRAMAR, SANHOK map, it is a map of 8 * 8 or bigger then the LIVIK map after it is of 2 * 2. But this new map is about to come, it is a smaller map than LIVIK, its size is 1 * 1, this map you will get to see only some big cities. In this entire map, you will get to see only some 8 or 10 total cities. So friends, this is a very small map and you will get to see it soon.

Features Of New Map Island 1.8 Version

  1. Spawn Island
  2. Cave Diomond Minning
  3. Reasearch Center
  4. P90 Weapon
  5. Quad Bike
  6. Helicopter Respawn
  7. Lift Of 7 Flour Building
  8. Zipper Line
  9. Explosive Crossbow
  10. SPAS12 Weapon
  11. Pool Boosting

Spawn Island

So after this, friends who talk about the spawn island, then there is nothing special if you talk about the spawn island, then the location in the map is a beach type resort. There all the people who spawn and from there the plane picks up you.

Then friends, you get to see a modern type of locations in the map and there are some resorts. Basically one side will see the beach and in one side you will get to see the ports.There will be futuristic ports as if you have your own modern type of ports on the latest here.

Cave Diomond Minning

You will get to see a cave in this map and in this cave you will get to see diamond mining and you will see diamonds on the walls.

If you look from the top of the cave, you will get to see a marine. Which looks very cool to see which modern they have added which I found very nice to see. So maybe there is military here, they will attack this island or they must have made resorts here for special visitors.So whole friends, here you will get a classic feel when you play this map.

Reasearch Center

friends will get to see a big building in the middle of the whole map, which I felt like a research center, in this building you will get to see meeting halls, corridor.

I Have told you that you will get to see the location like ship or boat and have added a dock, then there you will get to see many containers, where and how and together you have added a beach type here, there is a beach locations where you will get to see the beach and together you have some stuff and you will get to see boats, houses, resorts to have fun. Friends, this map is quite small, but you will get to see all the vehicles from place to place and you will get to see a new car.

P90 Weapon

You will get an upgradable look of the P90 in this map and the ERANGEL map. Which you will get to see only in air drops and it will already have a holo scope and this gun will not have any attachment and this gun will have a bullet of 5.57.

Quad Bike

A new vehicle has been added which looks quite right and has very smooth handling so that you can handle it easily if you are driving this vehicle then you will fall from anywhere then you will have to face any There will be no damage which I found quite right.

Helicopter Respawn

In this feature, if you die while fighting, then a helicopter will come in the center of the map, if your teammate wants, then he can get you to respawn and this feature will remain till BS first circle and this feature is right for me.

Lift Of 7 Flour Building

You will get to see this feature in 7 floor buildings throughout, when you go to the lift, you will see a button on which you can click on the button to open the door of the lift and it will count from 1 to 7 inside, which you will click on. Leave it on that floor.

Zipper Line

You can move from one place to another by holding a rope, which is a very good feature and you will get to see a very smooth animation.

Explosive Crossbow

In this crossbow, you will get to see an upgradeable version of the crossbow, in front of which a fire is burning, which you will see in the new island map.

SPAS12 Weapon

This gun has also been upgraded, the iron side has been changed and the sound of this gun has also been changed.

Pool Boosting

You will get to see nearby resorts and pools in which if you swim, your energy drink bar will be full.

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BGMI × PUBGM New MAP Resort ISLAND. watch our YouTube video which is given below.


In this post, I have told you Top 11 Features Of Pubg Mobile/BGMI New Resort Map Island 1.8 Version. you have any questions related to this post then you can ask your question in the comment box. We will try to answer you soon.

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