Everything you ever wanted to know About SSL Certificates

Everything you ever wanted to know About SSL Certificates

Hello everyone, welcome to SneakyTech, today we are going to tell you about what is SSL if you also want to know what is SSL Full Form? What are the types of SSL certificates? Which SSL certificate to buy? SSL certificate is very important for the security of any website. In today’s article, we are going to bring you very important information about SSL and SSL Certificates. So do read this article completely. We will give complete information, we hope that you will definitely like our post.

Often you will see a lock next to the URL of almost every website. Actually, this lock shows the presence of an SSL certificate on that website and it means that this website is secured with an SSL certificate.

Actually, SSL is a security layer, so it is very important to use SSL certificates on every website. SSL certificate protects your website and your website information from hackers.

So let’s move this blog forward and what is SSL Full Form? What is SSL? What are the types of SSL Certificates? And know in detail about SSL certificates.

What is SSL?

SSL is a Standard Security Technique. SSL is an encrypted protocol that creates a secure connection between your web server and your web browser. And it ensures that the data transferred between your web server and browser is safe from hackers.

What is the Full Form of SSL

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. The port number of SSL is 443. The term socket in SSL means that the exchange of information between your server and the web browser takes place through the socket method.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is a kind of Digital Certificate. Which is installed in the webserver to create an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. An SSL Certificate contains 2 Keys With First Private Key and Second Public Key. In this, the private key is kept safe. Whereas the Public Key is distributed publicly along with the certificate.

Usually, with the use of an SSL Certificate in the website, the transactions of Credit Card and Debit Card Transactions, Data Transfer, Username, Password, or any important private data happening on that website are secured.

So whenever you do any transaction of your necessary data on any website or any transaction with your credit card and debit card. So first of all make sure that that website SSL Certificate is used.

Let us now know how we can find out which website is using an SSL Certificate. And which website is running without SSL Certificate.

So for this, whenever you want to make sure whether a website is using an SSL Certificate or not, then first of all you see the URL of that website. This URL will start with either HTTP or HTTPS.

If the URL starts with HTTPS, it means this website is using an SSL Certificate. And it’s a secure website. Here the S with HTTP means the word secure.

You also see a picture of a lock at the beginning of HTTPS If you click on this lock, then you get complete information about the SSL certificate.

If the URL starts with HTTP then this website is not using an SSL certificate and it is an unsecured website. So you should avoid doing any kind of transaction on this kind of website which starts with HTTP.

What information does an SSL certificate contain?

Actually, an SSL certificate is provided by Certificate Authority. And an SSL certificate includes the following information along with the Certificate Authority.

  • Domain Name for which SSL Certificate has been issued.
  • Information about the person, company, or device for which the SSL certificate has been issued.
  • Name of the Certificate Authority that issued the SSL Certificate.
  • Digital Signature of Certificate Authority
  • SSL Certificate Issuance Date
  • Expiry Date of SSL Certificate
  • Public Key

What information does an SSL certificate contain

  1. Single Domain SSL Certificate
  2. Wildcard SSL Certificate
  3. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  4. Domain Validation SSL Certificate
  5. Organization Validation SSL Certificate
  6. Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL Certificate only secures one domain name means one website. For example, if we use a single-domain SSL certificate for our website, then this certificate only protects www.sneakytech.com or sneakytech.com. Also, the Single Domain SSL Certificate does not protect mail.sneakytech.com or any other sub-domain name.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL Certificate secures a domain as well as its many sub-domains. This is a single certificate with a wildcard character that stands for Sub-Domain Name.

For example, if we use Wildcard SSL Certificate for our website, then this certificate secures www.sneakytech.com as well as all sub-domains like mail.sneakytech.com or contact.sneakytech.com

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

Usually, Domain Validation SSL Certificates are cheap or free. The best example of this is the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. DV SSL Certificate Comes With 256-bit Encryption.

Such website owners who want to validate only the domain name of their website, use the Domain Validation SSL Certificate. This certificate can secure both www and non-www domain names.

Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Organization Validation In SSL Certificate, the company, business, or organization is validated by the CA i.e. the Certificate Authority. Actually, the main purpose of the Organization Validation SSL Certificate is to encrypt and secure the sensitive information of the business by which this certificate is used.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates come with a 2048-bit signature and 256-bit encryption. And they are more secure and reliable than Domain Validated SSL Certificate.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL Certificate is harder to obtain than Domain Validation and Organization Validation SSL Certificates. Because to get this SSL certificate, some Globally Standardized Identity Verification process has to be followed. And after that, it takes about a week for this SSL certificate to be activated.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates protect more than one website at once. That is, you can use a single Multi-Domain SSL Certificate for multiple websites.

For example, suppose you have more than one business and you run a separate website for each business. Suppose this website is the following.

So in such a situation if you want to secure all your website with SSL Certificate. So instead of taking a separate SSL Certificate for everyone, you can secure all the websites with a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is also called UCC (Unified Communications Certificates) or SAN (Subject Alternative Name Certificates).

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Why use SSL on-site? Benefits of using SSL Certificate.

By now you must have learned a lot about what an SSL certificate is and its types. So let us now know what are the benefits of an SSL Certificate.

  • SSL Certificate protects your website visitor data.
  • SSL Boosts Your Website’s Google Search Rankings.
  • Provides Security to Web Applications and Mobiles
  • Encrypts Browser-to-server or Server-to-Server Communication
  • SSL Certificate Increases Your Website’s Customer Trust & Revenue.
  • SSL Certificate Protects your Website from Net Phishing and different types of Cyber ​​Attacks.

How to choose SSL Certificate Providers?

There are some factors based on which one can now choose an SSL certificate provider. Make sure to compare the given factors before selecting SSL Certificate Authority or Reseller.

  • Cost
  • Validity
  • License Single or Unlimited
  • money-back guarantee
  • The encryption algorithm and key length

Which SSL Certificate to Buy?

So far, you must have known well about what is SSL and how many types of SSL certificates are there, so now the most asked question is, which SSL certificate should we buy? So if you also want to know the answer to this question, then it is very important for you to understand the types of SSL Certificates mentioned above.

So if you have an e-commerce website in which people do transactions every day with their debit or credit cards, then you should buy a good company and trustworthy SSL certificate.

But if you run a Knowledge Base Blogging Website, in which your visitors do not have to do any kind of transaction nor do they need a username and password to login, then in this type of website you like Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates which are absolutely free can be used.

If you want to use the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on your website, then you can use it by talking to your web hosting provider Or you can even install it on your own website.

Similarly, if you are searching for an SSL certificate for your company, then you can use Wildcard SSL Certificate and Organization Validation SSL Certificate.

Where to buy an SSL Certificate?

Today almost all hosting company is giving free SSL, that is, if you buy hosting to make a website or blog, then some company gives you SSL certificate for free.

If your hosting company provides free SSL, then there is no need to buy SSL certificate separately, you can use it on all your websites now.

If the company from which you have taken your hosting is not providing or does not provide SSL for free, then you have to buy the SSL certificate from any certificate authority or reseller of the certificate authority

SSL from a certificate authority is very expensive so you can save some money by buying a certificate from a reseller as a reseller charges less money for a certificate as compared to CA.

Some of the best resellers to get an SSL certificate are as follows.

  • Godaddy
  • NameCheap
  • CheapSSLSecurity
  • HostGator
  • BigRock
  • Ssls.com

How to Install SSL Certificate?

To install an SSL certificate, you have to follow some steps which are as follows:

  • Buy SSL certificate first
  • Activate the certificate
  • Install the certificate after activation
  • Now Update Your Website to Use HTTPS

Now the SSL certificate will be fully installed on your site.

If you want more information about SSL Certificates in detail, GO and Checkout GlobalSign by GMO link provided below: What is an SSL Certificate?


In today’s article, Everything you ever wanted to know About SSL Certificates. You must have understood What is an SSL Certificate and what are the types of SSL and how SSL works and very important information about SSL certificates has also been explained in detail? If you have any suggestions related to this information, then definitely tell us in the comment.

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