BGMI/PUBG Mobile M7 Royale Pass Release Date

BGMIPUBG MOBILE M7 Royale Pass Release Date

So friends, today I am going to tell about the bgmi new m7 royale pass release date. so let’s start.
India’s most favorite game bgmi which was launched just a few months ago.As you would know that bgmi has been launched on some platforms of ios as well. So gamers get ready to enjoy the new Royal Pass.

krafton has told that in a few days you are going to get to see the new M7 Royale Pass. Seasons M6 Royal Pass is due to expire in a few days

BGMI M7 Royale Pass

So you will need 360 UC for elite royale and 960 uC to buy eli plus royale pass. So some leaks have come out that the next royale pass will be based on Kingdoms.

So BGMI’s new M7 royale pass is coming in a few days, so be ready to enjoy the new royale pass, this royale pass will see a lot of unique stuff. bgmi’s royale pass is about to start new royale pass and ranking.

BGMI M7 Royale Pass Release Date

As you know, every month you get to see the new Royale Pass and its great rewards. M7 ROYALE PASS will come on 19 January, ending date 19 February.

About Seasons Cycle Of Bgmi

There are 3 cycles in a season and players will get rewards on each type.
In the first cycle, you will get to see C1S1, C1S2, C1S3 and C1S4. In the next cycle, it will be seen in C2S1, C2S2, C2S3, C2S4.

The new version of bgmi is going to be seen in a few days. So you’ll have to buy a new Royale Pass to get to the top of the ranks. If you want to buy royale pass for free, then you will get to see a link below, by clicking on which you can go to that page and you can get royale pass absolutely free.

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