10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

Today, in this blog, I am going to tell you about the most used 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021 You can use them absolutely free Writing an article by doing Keyword Research is like this Like doing smart work better than doing hard work.

Do you know how important it is to do the best keyword research for a successful blogger Suppose you write an article And if you did not do any Keyword Research before writing it, then it would mean Information in that article? But due to the lack of more searched keywords, that article will not reach those people. Those who really need that blog.

Today, it has become very easy to do 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021. Because there are many Best Free Keyword Research Tools available on the Internet for this.

What is Keyword Research

This is a type of process with the help of which we include the most searched words in our search engine in our blog post.

So that our article can also appear in the Top Rank in Search Engine and everyone would like Blogger to make his blog the most readable blog on Search Engine.

What is Keyword

  • Actually, Keyword Research is made up of two words. The first is Keyword which means Password. A Keyword can be a single word, phrase, or short sentence.
  • And another research which means you know search, search or search In this way, through a Keyword, we search about a Particular Topic on the Search Engine Page (SERP)
  • A blogger is called Keyword Research to search and collect such important keywords used in the search engines to search for a particular topic.
  • After searching, these keywords are included in Blogger by Blogger. So that their post also ranks well in Search Engine Page (SERP)

What is Keyword Research Tools

Actually, the purpose of a blogger is to search for such a keyword. Which helps him to bring more traffic to his blog website and in which competition is very less.

Also, whose CPC and Search Volume are also higher. Therefore online websites or utilities are used to find such keywords. They are commonly called Keyword Research Tools.

After doing Keyword Research, in the blog post, you will write, you include the Top and Best keywords that were collected while doing your Keyword Research.

Which makes your blog post rank in the top on search engine And very quickly reaches the needy people.

Now if a blogger has to search for such a keyword, then the medium he uses to search for such an important keyword. It is called Keyword Research Tool in Blogging.

Top 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

A Best Keyword Research Tool is a Blogger’s best friend Today, I am going to share information about the 10 Best Free keyword searching tools with you.

Which you can use absolutely free And can use it for your blogging.

So let’s know 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

  1. Wordtracker Scout
  2. Wordstream Free Keyword Tool
  3. UberSuggest
  4. Google Keyword Planner tool
  5. keySearch
  6. Semrush
  7. Keyword Tool
  8. Ahrefs
  9. Answer The Public
  10. Keyword Tool Dominator

1.Wordtracker Scout

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By the way, WordTracker is a Premium Keyword Research Tool that gives you a 7 day Free Trial Period. But you can also use it absolutely free.

With the help of this Keyword Tool, you can create a great many high-performing keywords in a few minutes. In which you can get Search Volume, Competition, and IAAT without any problem.

If you look in the given picture, you will see 10 free searches remaining written Which means that this Keyword Tool allows you to do 10 Keyword Search in 24 hours.

Along with that, it generates more than 20 LSI keywords and gives them to you Which you can export in your CSV file on your laptop.

If you are a new blogger or are learning blogging now then this tool can prove very useful for you.

Because if you search Keyword 10 times in a day, it generates more than 20 LSI Keyword with it by giving them to you. That is 10 (Main Keyword) * 20 (LSI Keywords) = 200 Free Keywords.

This means that you get more than 200 free keywords. According to my, this is a very good deal, that too is free.

2.Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

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A Post of this website opens after searching for High CPC Keyword. Sometimes its post also appears in google’s Knowledge Graph. Wordstream also provides free keyword research tools. But it has some limitations.

This tool works like Google Adword Keyword Planner. Meaning is user-friendly. You can also do a Keyword Filter with Niche Filter. This tool gives 30 Searches free.


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Ubersuggest is an amazing and free Keyword Research Tool With which you can do Keyword Research for your article very easily in a very short time.

You can also use this tool to take Keyword Ideas from your competitor’s website along with Keyword Research.

This is the easiest and simplest tool to do keyword research in this list of best 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021.

This Keyword Research Tool collects data from Google Suggest.

You can get complete information of all your selected Keywords such as Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and CPC by using this tool.

Neil Patel of the world Known among the top affiliate marketers, Ubersuggest acquired the tool on 13 February 2017 for about $ 120,000 and integrated its website into neilpatel.com.

4.Google Keyword Planner tool

Google keyword planner tool: This is a completely free Keyword Research tool created by Google With the help of this tool, you can easily search for Organic keywords.

The first thing you need to do to use this tool creates an AdWords account In the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can customize your keyword search result according to yourself.

When doing a keyword search, the Google keyword planner tool gives you complete information about that keyword like- Monthly Search Volume of keyword, Competition is low or High on Keyword.

And also provides information on how much CPC are on Keyword.


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KeySearch is a Premium Keyword Research Tool that you can use for your Blog Post in Best Free Keyword Research.

This Keyword Tool offers you different Plan Affordable Price. Which is really cheaper than other Keyword Tools.


Screenshot 289 compressed 3

Semrush is the Easiest Keyword Research Tool for Blogger. It is not only a research tool but more than that, enter the domain URL in it, which particular keyword is ranking on which keyword. You can check this as well as what else the domain is ranking on that keypad, you can also check it.

In this, with Long Tail, Short Tail keyword, you can also check its Search Volume and CPC.

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7.Keyword Tool

Screenshot 278 compressed

Keyword Tool was created in 2014 by Artem Galimov and Leow. According to Wikipedia, initially, this tool started providing keywords in about 83 languages. This tool is available in both Free and Pro Version.

Which we can easily use for our Keyword Research.

In this tool, when searching for a Keyword, you get the Keyword as well as other information like Search Volume, Trend, CPC and Competition etc.

Actually, Keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete technology to generate related Long Tail Keywords of a Keyword and Topic.


Screenshot 291 compressed

Ahrefs is also one of the very powerful Keyword Research Tool in itself. You can easily check the difficulty of Keyword. You can check very easily how much competition is there on the topic you want to write the next post.

We can also check back link with Ahrefs Tool. If you have to do a backlink check, you will have to purchase paid packages. Ahrefs Tool gets you along the 14 days trail. If you want, you can purchase its premium version.

9.Answer The Public

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Answer The Public is a very special Keyword Research Tool in the Best Free Keyword Research tools 2020 List Because it also shows you the questions and useful Phrases around the Keyword you search in the Result.

The interface of this tool is completely different from other Keyword Research Tools. This tool proves very useful especially for the new Blogger as it also provides you Long Tail Keywords.

10.Keyword Tool Dominator

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Keyword Tool Dominator is a Keyword Research Tool with both Free and Premium Version available.

You can search the Top Keyword for your blog post using its free version.

If you want to use the maximum features and functions of this tool. So you can add Keyword Tool Dominator Extension to your Google Chrome Browser.

f you want more information about Best Free keyword searching tools in detail, GO and Checkout  Semrush Blog link provided below:12 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2021


In this post, we gave you information about the 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021 along with what are keywords, and doing Keyword Research is a very important task for a blogger.

In this list of Best Keyword Research Tools, we have included the most talked about 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021

Let me tell you this blog post includes Premium Tools along with some Free Keyword Tools And they have been included because these Premium Keyword Research tools provide free Trials for some time.

Hope you have liked this post 10 Best Free keyword searching tools in 2021 And will prove useful for you.

In which I have tried to tell almost everything. If you have any other questions, then you can comment on us. You can also ask me.

If you have any suggestions, then please tell us, I will definitely share them on my site. So that more people can talk to you. If there is any question related to this post, then a comment is definitely asked.

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